The big risk

Herb and Mallie

In 1940 after nearly twenty years of working for jewelry manufacturing companies, Herbert Florian Krombholz, a third generation metalsmith, purchased the contents of a jewelry store in a neighborhood near downtown Cincinnati. Just one year later he opened the first Herb Krombholz Jewelry store in Silverton, a suburb about 10 minutes north of downtown. Herb’s wife Mallie operated the store while Herb worked days as a foreman for the Croninger Jewelry Manufacturing Company. Herb spent evenings designing jewelry for customers who shopped at his own store


New store thrives

Silverton, Ohio booms in the 1960's with Perkin's Pancake House, Alber's, Meier's winery and a fantastic neighborhood.

Herb's dream realized

New Store completed

After 12 years of working two jobs, Herb and Mallie Krombholz completed the construction of their new store.

Fire destroys store

Starting over

A fire completely destroyed our Silverton store. It took 6 months to sort through the wreckage and yet Krombholz did not loose a single customer's jewel.

Third generation

Heather and Lee have a vision

The mid 80's saw a generational switch. Heather and Lee grew the business in it's various incarnations of their Montgomery store. 

Montgomery store face lift

Lee and Heather's vision starts

Lee and Heather redesigned the Montgomery store to better suit their vision.

The store gets another new look!


Starting in 1999 the Montgomery store get a new look and feel holding to the tradition of a home like atmosphere.

Fourth Generation

More Krombholz

Izzi and Kirtley Krombholz join the staff adding more family to go around!

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