My favorite jewelry style- Etruscan Revival

Etruscan Reveal emerald ringOne of my consistently favorite styles in jewelry, whether it is antique or new, can be described as Etruscan Revival. In antique jewelry, this style was very much in fashion in the 1850’s through the 1880’s. This trend became popular because of the archeological exploration that was occurring around Rome and north of Rome in this period.  The jewelry being found in these digs from the ancient Etruscan culture was education and was appreciated by the Italian jewelers.

Lee with Elizabeth GageWhen I was first beginning to develop my jewelry design “chops” in the mid 1980’s, London jewelry designer, Elizabeth Gage, was my idol. Her imaginative interpretation of these ancient designs captured my attention then and still does.

We always have some antique jewelry from the Victorian Etruscan Revival period. We recently bought a beautiful high relief cameo of Zeus that is framed in the Etruscan style.Zeus high relief onyx cameo

This repurposed pendant was originally a pin and includes the detailed hand fabricated elements of twisted wire, beading and delicately applied wire. This pin is finished using a method called “bloomed gold” which is a process that uses acid to bring fine gold to the surface which gives it a high karat color.


I also design using these same design elements, but I use CAD design to make this style less labor intensive and more affordable.

You can find a range of jewelry in this style in our store as well as on our website using this link. The Etruscan Collection

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