Get FUSED: The Permanent Jewelry Trend

Does the quarantine have you feeling disconnected from your friends? One way to permanently reconnect… get FUSED! Jump on board with the newest trend of permanent jewelry with these “grown-up” friendship bracelets.

Arm party


Each chain is sized to fit you perfectly and is “welded” on to your wrist by our jeweler. Because the bracelet is welded together, there is no need for a clasp and you can wear it all the time! If you are curious about the flame being close to your skin, worry not! It is a very safe electric welder and the whole process takes less than 5 minutes.  If you need to remove your bracelet, you can do so with wire cutters.

 Ladies fusing

We have several chain options as well as add-on accessories that you can choose from to make your bracelet unique. Follow this link for more information about styles and pricing. Add-ons can include a bezel set diamond, a small initial, a cross, etc. If you have a specific charm you would like, please contact us before your appointment so we can be prepared for your visit!

 Friends fusing

We can guarantee the bracelets for six months. Everyone’s bracelets will wear differently based on the activity level. We would not recommend getting FUSED if you have an upcoming planned surgery.

 Masked friends

Groups of 4 or more people get 10% off their bracelets. We are excited to have you in for a FUSING party!

Mom and dot

For more information, go to the fusing link on our website.

Do you want to make an appointment to get fused? Here is our appointment form.

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