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 I highly recommend Krombholz Jewelers. Lee designed my wife’s engagement ring and wedding band and did an outstanding job. Recently I worked with Lee in creating a diamond pendant for my wife. He made the process easy for me and created a beautiful and unique pendant. My wife gets compliments all the time on the jewelry she has from Krombholz. In addition to designing such high quality jewelry, the customer service is phenomenal. Each time I go to Krombholz I am very impressed with the staff and how friendly they are. They go above and beyond. There are many jewelers in Cincinnati, but Krombholz is at the top of the pack.

   Steve Fritsch

 I wanted to take a moment to share with you a wonderful experience that my fiancé and I had at Krombholtz Jewelers. My fiancé is from England. He was visiting me here in Cincinnati, and wanted to shop for loose diamonds to put in an engagement ring setting. After much research, and looking at websites, he felt that Krombholtz was the best choice for his needs. Upon arriving at Krombholtz, we were immediately greeted by Kara. She informed us that in order to view loose stones, we would need to make an appointment in advance. We explained that my fiancé was due to leave the States the following day. After listening to what we were looking for, Kara offered to show us what was currently in store. We found a vintage ring that was exactly what we were considering designing from a loose stone. The ring was a very small size, and the band was thin and a bit delicate. We asked about resizing and reinforcing the band. Kara handled all of it beautifully. She was knowledgeable, professional, and very personable. I had made arrangements to pick the ring up the following Saturday. While we can’t be sure, my fiancé and I both have a feeling that Kara spoke with the Jeweler about our situation. That evening at dinner, we received a phone call telling us the ring was ready, and we could pick it up any time the following day. Needless to say, we were thrilled, and stunned that the adjustments to the ring were finished so quickly. We arrived shortly after the store opened the next morning. The ring was absolutely gorgeous. The changes were flawless. We could not tell that any work had been done to the band at all. We were also provided with an appraisal, at no additional cost to us. Because of Kara’s help, my fiancé was able to personally place the ring on my hand, and that is priceless. We wish to take this moment to commend Kara, and the jeweler who made the changes to the ring (unfortunately, we don’t have his name). We will definitely recommend Krombholtz to friends and family.

   Catherine Williams

 I was looking for a jeweler to mount a treasure coin for me that I had just recently purchase. I searched jeweler s in the Cincinnati area and choose Kromholz because of all the positive comments and feedback that previous customers had left. When I went to pick my coin up was I ever pleased. The quality of their work is impeccable. I can not say enough good things about Krombholz Jewelry. Should you go there you will not be displeased and that is a fact.

   john m adams

 I absolutely love Krombholz! They have designed jewelry for my family for generations. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Everyone is helpful and very nice. They are there for you, the customer. I just designed an engagement ring. I used diamonds from my parents and it turned out beautiful, with Lee's help. He was so patient and knew what I wanted. I have always recommended them to others and will continue to fo so.

   Erin Powell

 I could not be happier with my experience at Krombholz. They did an amazing job customizing my fiancee's engagement ring exactly to my specifications, and both her and I have received many compliments on it. We’re both extremely satisfied with the quality of the work, as well as the professionalism and personal attention we received. Lee did a tremendous job with the mounting work, everything is exactly as we wanted. We will definitely be recommending Krombholz to both family and friends.

   Dave Adams

 I left a lovely old ring on consignment with Krombholz Jewelry and was very hapy to learn that it had recently sold. I found dealing with Krombholz Jewelry a very pleasant and cooperative experience and would recommend them highly.

   Joan E. Mettey

 Lee and the Kromboltz staff are amazing! My engagement and wedding ring set is beautiful. My fiancé wanted me to have a ring I would be happy with for years and knew I had to be involved in the selection I wanted a unique, handcrafted ring with meaning and symbolism that was understated and comfortable to wear. I also wanted my stones to be ethically sourced and to support a local business. The professionals at Kromboltz helped us accomplish all this and exceeded expectations. I started out bringing in some family diamonds, inspirational images and some rough sketches. Brad helped me assess the diamonds I had and refine my design choices. Because the design I had in mind was specific we worked directly with Lee who was happy to work up my design in wax and provide expert advise on choosing a metal, additional stones, and a finish. Lee answered all my questions, helped me consider design choices and was happy to bring my design to life. We never felt pressured, always felt heard and are very happy with the results. We will be back!

   Jen & Len

 My husband and I have had a love affair with Krombholz jewelers for many years. The staff is talented, energetic and like family. Lee has designed many beautiful pieces for me that I cherish. The girls in our family love all the wonderful jewels they have gotten. Even the granddaughters are getting the bug! This is a beautifully run business that I would recommend to anyone who loves fine things.

   Kathleen Krug

 My fiancee and I loved our experience with Krombholz Jewelers. They were professional, knowledgeable, creative, flexible, and reasonable in price. We wanted to design the ring from scratch and Krombholz was very accommodating for this purpose. From the beginning to the end they gave us one-on-one attention and were generous with their time to help us explore our options and unique preferences. In designing the ring they helped us to learn which designs were feasible, given our budget. When we changed our mind on a few aspects of the design, Krombholz was flexible. For the quality and amount of customization we received, we were very satisfied with the price. It was an enjoyable process, and we look forward to returning to them in the future.

   Gen Schuler

 I visited Krombholz looking for an engagement ring. I had no idea what I wanted, so I went in to look around. I was nervous about this process because I hate to deal with pushy salespeople and knew I didn't want to spend a fortune. The sales people answered all of my questions and didn't pressure me at all. They waited patiently while I looked through every case. Once I had found some features that I liked, they set up an appointment for me to meet with their designer, Lee, to decide if I wanted to choose between one of the rings that I liked in the cases or get a quote for a custom ring. I found out that custom jewelry doesn't have to be outrageously priced. He took each of the features that I like in different rings and combined them to make something that expressed my personal style. He has a multi-step design process to make sure you know exactly what the ring will look like and allows you to make adjustments along the way. Lee is a genius! Because I had my ring custom designed, I was actually able to get a more intricately designed ring within my budget than I would have anywhere else. My fiancé and I returned to get his band there, too. This place is fantastic!

   Erin Zemet

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