An introduction to consigning jewelry at Krombholz.


You loved it once, but your tastes have changed? You inherited jewelry that is not your style? Bring it to us to receive the highest value for your unwanted jewelry by entrusting us to sell it on your behalf.

Why trust Krombholz with your jewelry consignment?

Since 1940, Krombholz Jewelers has sold vintage jewelry throughout its four generations. That’s four generations of skill and expertise. Your jewelry will be fully insured while it is in our possession.

What is consignment?

It is when an individual places their unused jewelry in our hands to sell it on their behalf. The individual retains ownership of this jewelry while Krombholz makes it available for purchase.

How long will it take for Krombholz to sell my jewelry?

There is no way of knowing. Some pieces of jewelry sell very quickly while others don’t sell. We do know that the better the value, the quicker it sells, so consider that when we are talking listing price with you.

How quickly after a successful sale do I get paid?

Since many pieces that are purchased are gifts and we have a 30 day return policy, we pay you 30 days after a successful sale.

How do I consign jewelry to Krombholz?

Call Krombholz Jewelers for a free consultation appointment with resident expert, Anita Asch. She will examine your items and let you know how best to proceed. Give us a call today- 513-891-1930!