Queen Elizabeth, long may she reign!

It is hard to not be charmed by Queen Elizabeth II during her address of the British nation the other night. I have been binge-watching the Crown during this COVID-19 "stay at home" order and beginning to appreciate this fascinating woman. 

As a jeweler, it is also exciting to see all her jewels! The other night she wore and notable brooch on her left shoulder. This brooch came from her grandmother, Queen Mary. Queen Mary was a jewelry lover like no other and invented ways to wear as much jewelry as she could all at once. She didn't live by the Coco Chanel expression "When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on". For Queen Mary, more was always better!

The Turquoise Brooch was given to Queen Mary on the day of her wedding to the Duke of York, the future King George V, by her in-laws. This brooch is not one of the Queens "go-to" pieces and one might consider why she made this choice. Some think that she likes the way it went with her green dress, one chosen to be a nod to the health care worker's scrubs. Others might believe that it was chosen because of Turquoise's long tradition of being a stone that promotes healing and love.

Whatever her reasons, I think she looked fantastic at 93. Long may she reign!

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