Pearls, Handle With Care

  Elizabeth Taylor pearl necklace

Many of us admire pearls that others wear.  Pearls have a profound history; Queens & Kings wore them to showcase their rarity and exquisiteness.  One of the most famous pearls in the world, The La Peregrina, was owned by royalty and Elizabeth Taylor.  One day she lost this beautiful pearl, she was in a panic to find it and she finally found her dog chewing on it!! To avoid a pearl mishap, follow these simple steps.

  • Pearls should be the last on, first off when getting dressed
  • Store pearls alone, not with other jewelry that can scratch the pearls
  • Avoid using perfumes, hairsprays around your pearls
  • Take off your pearls when swimming or perspiring
  • Wipe Pearls with a soft cloth prior to storing
  • Only wipe with a damp cloth if necessary, never submerge
  • As with all jewelry take to a professional for additional cleaning & restringing

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