Business changes to celebrate 80 years!

The year 2020 marks the 80th anniversary of when Mallie and Herb Krombholz created and started the retail jewelry store known then as Herb Krombholz Jewelers. Many things have changed over the years and our loyal clients have made all 79 of our successful years possible.

In celebration of 79 incredible years, Krombholz Jewelers will be taking some time this spring to refocus on what our clients continue to ask for; custom design and vintage jewelry. Starting in February, we will be open by appointment only. This will give us an opportunity to catch up on a lot of things including all of the commission jewelry work you have trusted us to make for you. Also, we will be putting our heads together for the most important work; what will Krombholz Jewelers look like in the future? The 4th generation sisters, Izzi and Kirtley are incredibly talented young women and we can’t wait to see what we invent together business wise!

What can you expect in the Krombholz Jewelers future? Well, we have some ideas that haven’t been fully formed yet. As you might guess, Lee will be focusing on custom jewelry design. We all like the idea of more events, seminars and trunk shows. We definitely need to pay more attention to our online presence. Izzi already has a flourishing Etsy store (search Etsy for Krombholzjewelers and you will find 400 five- star reviews). In short, we want to continue the community that is uniquely Krombholz.

There are a few housekeeping matters:

We are planning to return any consigned jewelry back to their owners for the time being. Since we will not be open regular hours starting in February, we don’t feel it would be fair to hold these consigned jewels.

We will no longer be taking in any type of repairs or appraisals that are not from Krombholz. We will have some places we will recommend to you.

We will continue to service all Krombholz bought jewelry.

We will continue to make new commission designed jewelry and sell fine jewelry by appointment.

We will be building out a more robust website for 24 hour “shop-portunities.” This will also be a good source of information for what we are planning.

Our annual “Irresistible Sale” is scheduled for March 5th- 7th. This is likely to be our biggest sale ever since we will be planning for our business transition.

Thank you all for the support you have given the Krombholz Family and staff over the years! We are truly blessed to have each of you in our lives! We hope to make the Krombholz Jewelers you adore only better for you in the future.

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