Interview with Style Edit

·         What current fine jewelry fashions do you like? Style Edit: Jewelry has become more delicate, but still with a vintage style. Think jewelry made from lace. The red carpet jewels are featuring one statement piece rather than big jewels everywhere. Daytime jewels are still bolder and layered, but dressy jewelry is smaller and finer.

·         Are you seeing this fashion on the street of Cincinnati? Style Edit: White metal is still dominant even though yellow, rose and mixed metals are popular in other bigger markets.

·         What clothing styles and accessories go with this fashion? Style Edit: Lace is a component of a lot of the fashions. We are also seeing a lot of hair accessories like hairbands and jewelry pinned into woman’s hair.

·         What is currently your favorite color(s)? Style Edit: Metal colors we love gold and the combination of black and gold. We love bright colors including tangerine and coral.

·         What are your favorite sources for fashions (i.e magazines/ blogs/ websites)? Style Edit: we love As far as a magazine, we like InStyle and Elle

·         Do you have a favorite jewelry designer? Style Edit: House of Harlow 1960

is our favorite. This brand is created by Nicole Richie. We particularly like the geometric styles. We also like Tiffany’s and Simon G in fine jewelry.

·         Who is your current favorite fashion icon and what influence are they having on you? Style Edit: We don’t have one specific person, besides perhaps Audrey Hepburn, but the ones that have caught our attention recently are Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, The Olsen Twins,  Rachel Bilson and Rachel Zoe.

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