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 Working with Lee on my wife's wedding band was truly a wonderful experience. For such a special, important piece, you want to make sure you have a jeweler you can trust and will do a fantastic job. We received exactly that in Krombholz Jewelers. Knowing the owner is also the chief designer on our ring gave us great comfort that the job would be well done. Given their track record and my experience working with them, I would recommend them for anyone in need of a great jeweler!


 I have to agree completely with these other warm testimonials - it's a wonderful experience interacting with Lee and Eli at Krombholz Jewelers - great service and a welcoming atmosphere. Last year I went to them searching for a diamond band for my fiancé. Lee and Eli listened carefully to my questions and design preferences, and then Lee designed a truly beautiful ring, beyond my expectations. He finished it in time for me to present it to her on Christmas Eve, and she was thrilled. I would add that the price was very reasonable, considering the quality of the ring. Krombholz are now the only jewelers I would go to, and the one store that I would recommend to others.

   Thomas Mantei

 My husband proposed with a beautiful ring that had a setting that sat low and didn't quite work with any wedding band. In order to accommodate wearing a wedding band with it, I took it to another jeweler that re-set the diamonds into a setting that fixed the problem but that did not fit the diamonds nicely. Ugh! Finally, I met with Lee Krombholz who was recommended by a friend. He looked at both settings and immediately saw the issues I was having and a solution! For a very reasonable price, Lee took the existing ring and was able to make the necessary changes and I now have the ring I always wanted. I wish my husband and I had known about Krombholz years ago. If you want the job done right, go directly to Lee Krombholz.

   Laura Albers

 Krombholz Jewelers! The BEST! Of course they have lovely jewelry but that is not the best part. The best part is the staff and service. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. I’ve done everything from purchase, to repairs, to custom made jewelry. Brad is very creative and great to work with. My custom made jewelry made from favorite gems acquired in my travels met all my multi-functional desires – wear as a necklace, pin or come apart and reassemble into something different. What fun! And the price - reasonable. My favorite area features vintage jewelry/estate...There are often unusual exquisite offerings – irresistible! Brad’s resourceful consultation helped me find just the right gift for my daughter’s 16th birthday and later, graduation from college – exactly fit her taste and style. When you visit Krombholz, check out Lee’s latest design project/awards… creative jewelry design artist in action! Wow.


 Working with Lee Krombholz was a great experience. I obviously wanted this to be the most unique and perfect ring ever built to show my fiancée how much she means to me. I was thinking; "how do I live up to these expectations I am putting on myself?" Lee made it comfortable for me by asking questions on what I am looking for, getting design ideas from me and going back and forth about what the ring should look like. I live in San Diego CA so interacting over the phone and email was our mode of communication, Lee made it a seamless experience. So I gave her the ring last week (she said yes by the way) and I asked her if there was anything she would want to change about the ring and she said "not a thing". It was a complete success! With Lee's ability to work with me on a design using his attention to detail and creativity along with his guidance on some things to think about it ended up being going better than I had expected. I plan on buying more jewelry from Lee for our special occasions.

   Tim Wilkinson

 My wife and daughters' favorite place to shop. Perhaps this is why Lee Krombholz and Brad Price have the perfect gift selected when I am seeking something special to purchase. Their service is outstanding.


 GORGEOUS. TRUSTED. Creative. Classic. Contemporary. Estate. Custom. Krombholz has provided my family with jewelry and jewels for 25 years. There is no occasion too small nor too large that I would not head straight to their store.


 A few years ago I met a woman at a local gift shop and we began to chat. Right away I noticed she was wearing a stunning ring. I always observe what jewelry people wear and I love all types whether it be fine jewelry or costume. I complimented the ring and she told me that her husband purchased it for her from Krombholz Jewelers. At the time I had not heard of Krombholz, but she assured me that it was unlike any jeweler in the city. I had some time that day before my kids got home from school, so I decided to pay Krombholz a visit. I met Eli and Brad and they showed me all kinds of unique and beautiful things. I asked a bunch of questions that day and they were so friendly, nice and personable that I found myself trying to find an excuse to go back . So the next week I took an old pocket watch that my mother had given me. Brad looked over the watch and we talked all about vintage and estate jewelry. I could not believe how knowledgable he was about old world designers and how truly passionate he was about educating his clients. In almost 20 years of living in Cincinnati, I had not found any jewelers who appreciated antique jewelry like Krombholz. The rest is history. I am the proud owner of one of Lee's designs. I have purchased esate jewelry, watches and other wonderful pieces that aren't available anywhere else. The entire staff welcomes any and all questions. They are so accommodating, thorough and patient. Now I don't even try to find an excuse to stop by the store! Krombholz Jewelers is one of Cincinnati's best.

   Janet Denman

 It has been my pleasure to be a Krombholz groupie for the last 30 years! What fun to see the growth and direction the business has experienced over the years. The space and jewels have become bigger and bolder but the foundation of commitment to customer service and education have remained top priority to the staff. I have appreciated the education opportunities that have been provided along the way. It is important to Lee and his staff to have well educated many jewelry stores care about that in today's world?! The Krombholz team have created many unique and special pieces for my collection that I have cherished and will be proud to pass on to my daughters in the future. Along with the custom creations made on their premise, I am a huge fan of the estate pieces that are offered in the store and the Versaille Salon. Brad is always more than happy to search out something special per customer request as well as helping to design that special piece. Thank you for 3 decades of beautiful memories and cheers to many more!


 I have worked through the Krombholz's for many years, buying many beautiful and rare items. Nothing is too difficult to find or create. Lee Krombholz has made several legacy pieces for us which I hope will remain in our family for many generations to come. Lee is an artist who listens and creates with integrity and with the customer in mind. Krombholz Jewelers is a special place with special people. I highly recommend all to visit !!